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About us - Meet me and read all about me and Dick and van de Hoge laer and the dogs etc.

History - About the origin, Breedstandards, canine terminology, articles.

Males - A collection of males.

Females - A collection of females.

Groenedael- I also like the black dogs, go to these pages to see some Groenendael.

Litters- Are there puppies available, who is going to have puppies?

Diverse- banners, backgrounds, web art etc.

Fun- Dog pictures of cute and funny dogs.

Pictures- A collection of albums with lots of photo's.

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Showresults- Who won where? Champions, Selected dogs etc.

Links- Meet more dog lovers from all over the world.

Updates- Check out what's new on the site.

All artwork is made by: Pauline Stern-Hanf, please dont copy without permission.







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