Freedom di Scottatura (CH. Domburg in Demand x EliteA s.r. Avril di Scottatura)


Freedom belongs to our friend Leo van Hacht. When Leo wanted a new dog it had to be a grey one. We found him a grey puppy at Willemine van Deijl (kennel di Scottaura).

Freedom (better known as Loup) is now the father of a second litter at our home, so we made him his own page. Freedom came from a great litter with also Fledder (winner of the Dutch National) and Farouk di Scottatura. Freedom was shown at the Paris dogshow where he got the CAC under Amanda Mac.Laren.

Freedom has an outstanding temerament. He is a very playfull dog who loves people and also to run around with toys. Sometimes he stays with us and then all the females want to play with him, what a charmer!


Sometimes Loup is available for matings for suitable bitches
CH.Domburg in Demand
Elite A Avril di Scottatura
Freedom di Scottatura
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Freedom has had litters with
With High Clearings Zantee
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Ch. Corsini's valencia
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Ch.Ultra van Moned
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Destiny van de Hoge laer
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Amora van de Hoge Laer
Freedom's pedigree
freedom as a puppie


Freedoms's brothers and siters
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