s.r. High Clearings Zephire

(R.E.CH. Gourou du Crépuscule des Loups x R.e.CH. Tee van de Hoge Laer)



BOB Regionale d'Elevage (Magnac-Bourg)

CAC/CACIB Speciale Regionale Metz

3 excellent Nationale d'Elevage

6 excellent Nationale d'Elevage (out of coat) and S.R.

Zephire was born at Jean and Leontine.

With age she is becoming better and better.

Madame Berton-Sarlat once said;

that she has a "tete d'ecole".

This means her head is a school example how a head of a Belgian should be.. Quite a compliment!


She had 2 litters until now, she was mated to CH.Ylan van de Hoge Laer and to Stavropol de Clairiçre aux Louves
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Zephire's offspring
R.E.CH.Gourou du Crépuscule des Loups  
R.E.CH. Tee van de Hoge Laer  
Zephire's pedigree


Zephire's brothers and siters
.s.r.CH. Zantee van de Hoge Laer
.s.r.CH. Zenobie van de Hoge Laer
Ch.Zappa van de Hoge Laer
.Zee van de Hoge Laer
s.r.Z-Lycos van de Hoge Laer