My former home wich I still co-own..

Bornival is the very small village where I lived, it is next to Feluy-Arquennes.

The first secretary of the "Club du Chien de Berger Belge" P. Beernaert, inhabitant of Uccle,  brought a dog with long black hair with him from Feluy-Arquennes. Its name was PICARD. P. Beernaert took the dog with him and gave it to Nicolas Rose. While doing this he stopped in Uccle and hence came the name of  PICARD D'UCCLE under which it will remain famous. PICARD D'UCCLE was mated with PETITE. They gave birth to a whole family of superb black dogs, among which the famous DUC DE GROENENDAEL, born on the 1st of May 1893. These dogs are the first Groenendaels we know of, all the longhair Belgians are offspring of these fist dogs.

In the summer and winter.
I lived out in the country.
Montana with pups in the garden during wintertime.
Enjoying the fireplace
After dinner friends go to...sleep!
Java says; Life is a bitch
It's a dogs life.
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