I am married to Dick Koning, so my full name is Pauline Koning-Stern-Hanf



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About my time with van de Hoge Laer

The kennel "Van de Hoge Laer" was founded in 1979 by Jean-Louis Vandenbemden. I lived with him for 19 years but we are divorced now. During that time we "Van de Hoge Laer and High Clearings",  bred a maximum of four litters a year . Two litters of ' van de Hoge Laer' and two litters of 'High Clearing's'. Jean Sempels lives in the town of Malines. He and his wife bred first also under kennelname van de Hoge Laer and later under High Clearing's.


Chantilly after a show

from right to left: Albain Collignon with his wife and Topaze de l'Ocre Noir, Jean Sempels, sitting down Leontine Sempels with Xugar van de Hoge Laer, Lilliane Dekegel with Xeros van de Hoge Laer, me with Xofie van de Hoge Laer, Blaise Cianci, Yannick Butez with t'Sisco van de Hoge Laer, sitting Catherine Purnelle with Shirly and Steed du Hameau saint Blaise.


I ( Pauline Stern-Hanf) was part of van de Hoge Laer and High Clearing's for 19 years. I am a show judge and have judged Belgians all over the world. I trained one of my dogs to the IPO 3 level and used to teach puppieclasses. For many  years I have been a member of the Dutch committee of the N.V.B.H. and a working group committee. Now I am the vice-president of the B.H.C.N. I also enjoy scuba diving and reading and making this web site. Everything on this site is my work. You can also see my work at the B.H.C.N. website. I own one dog now s.r. Charlotte van de Hoge Laer.


Jean with youri and Zephire

I will gradually adapt this website and add more general informations. This can be history or info about shows,articles etc. whatever I think is interesting or fun. Since this site has so much info on Van de Hoge Laer and High Clearings dogs who have influenced the breed this info will remain available on this site .

When I own more dogs again I will also let you know. I will keep on judging but helas probably not breeding in the near future.

If you want to contact me you can mail me, contact me on facebook, or give me a ring.



Pauline during my time with Jean-Louis

If you would like to see where I used to live





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